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We are the Inspiration for MANY

CodeHunt are a Mobile app, custom software, gaming and and Virtual Reality development company headquartered in Noida, INDIA. We had a humble start in life, beginning as a small group of five, Three being founders of the group and the others are full time developer on the payroll. Today, almost four years later, through determination and a passion for technology, CodeHunt has evolved into a globally renowned custom Software development agency, recognised as a leader in custom software and mobile app development in the INDIA and globally. From mobile app development to eCommerce development, to virtual reality to augmented reality app development — we offer a wide spectrum of IT services backed by our best developers.

With a Vision to enable Customer to respond immediately by offering solutions that add value to your business. At CodeHunt, We bring forth high Quality mobile app with the implementation of the latest technologies.

Our Mission is to deliver exceptional IT services to various businesses and companies in different parts of the world. We want to help the businesses excel in their respective fields and gaining 100 % Client Satisfaction is our prime goal.

Mentors That Inspire Us

  • User
    Mr. Ankit Sharma
    Account Manager

    " Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration "

  • User
    Mr. Anant Deshawar

    " Be an Ant that Fails often but Never Gives Up "

  • User
    Mr. Vikrant Deshawer
    Director, Co-founder

    " Do one thing Every Day that Scares you "

  • User
    Mr. Vikash Verma
    MD, Co-founder

    " Pain is Temporary, Quitting lasts Forever "

  • User
    Mr. Gospel Ernest
    Business Head, NIGERIA

    " Imagination is more Important than Knowledge "

  • User
    Mrs. Nancy Malik
    VP Sales

    " Stay Hungry Stay Foolish "

  • User
    Mr. Sarthak Mehrotra
    VP Technology

    " I Can is 100 times more Important than IQ "

  • User
    Ms. Swati Kapoor
    Project Manager

    " Risk must be taken because the Greatest Hazard in life is to take nothing "

  • User
    Ms. Chitra Singh
    Business Development Manager

    " Your Life is an Occasion, Rise to it "

  • User
    Ms. Anjali Malik
    HR Manager

    " Be the Change that you wish to see in the World "

  • User
    Mr. Mukund Jaswal
    Quality Head

    " We are What we Pretand to be "

  • User
    Mr. Alex Carry
    VP Sales, USA

    " Its hard to beat a person who never gives up "

  • User
    Mr. Salim Khan
    Tech Lead

    " Advanced Coding is in our DNA "

  • User
    Mrs. Diksha Jain
    Delivery Head

    " Believe in your inner potential to make your career "

  • User
    Mr. Gaurav Sharma
    Sales Manager

    " Be a Fantastic Researcher "

  • User
    Mr. Amir Khan
    Business Analyst

    " Competency in Marketing Tactics "

  • User
    Ms. Manisha Chaudhary
    Admin Manager

    " Learn from the Mistakes of others "

What Makes

CodeHunt Different

'100+10'% Money Back Guarrantee
7 Days Instant Money Back Guarrantee
5% Panalty In case of delay in delivery
Instant Refund
of Upfront payment

9 Months Free Promotion
Real Time Live Code tracking
Guarranteed Project revenue
Live Support
Intellectual Right Property
2 Years Free Maintenance
Project Live time Tracking
Company Will Pay for 3rd party API
2 Version App Updation
Payment Milestone Plan
Dedicated Team with Experienced Developers



CodeHunt is made up of people; people who put passion into everything they do. We are the dreamers and the doers. And everything our people do is molded around a set of values:

Our Moral Compass that Drives us Forward

Stress free Delivery

Innovative Solutions

Long Client Relationships

Client Focussed Delivery


Penalty Enforcement


Money Back Guarrantee

9 Months

Free App promotion

2 Years

Free Maintenance



Tell tales about how we started and how we grew


The Journey Begins

The groundwork of CodeHunt, is founded.
Mr. Anant, Mr. Vikash and Mr. Vikrant meet, find they all are share same mindset about business.They start developing website and app for clients on freelance Portal.



The world goes crazy for the introduction of AR and VR Reality. This provides the guys with an opportunity to extend their services with dedicated AR and VR Team.



CodeHunt becomes a legal entity in INDIA, becoming registered as a company in INDIA on 13th March 2018 after seeing an influx of large organization s looking to join the ever growing customer list.


Leading Company

Clutch, Goodfirms and top-developers recognize codehunt as top software development company in INDIA in the fields of Custom Software, Mobile App development, Gaming, Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps.

Top Software Development Company in INDIA, USA & NIGERIA...

CodeHunt is Limitless when it comes to Software Development.We are Pioneer and Achieving Perpetual Success.


Taxi Booking

Fantasy Game

Medical Sector

Health & Fitness

Real Estate

Instant Messaging

Banking & Finance

Food Delivery

Automobile Sector

Social Media

Travel & Tourism

Media & Entertainment

We Deliver


" CodeHunt is very good at understanding different processes and designing implementations. CodeHunt is building an integrated, mobile solution that tracks product lifecycles and sales.They immediately responds to any issues and change requests. The agency's energetic attitude and technical skill get results. "

-Amit Kumar, INDIA

" Great team. Smart developers. ANANT, The CEO, is a great leader that works hard to get things done. They also have a designer on staff. That's incredibly helpful when dealing with frontend work! "

-Arpita Dube, INDIA

" CodeHunt easily adapted our business processes and requirements and mapped with their solution and also integrated with our Sage ERP. They are highly an experienced, technical and professional team. Considering the support and services we never realized that they were physically miles away. "

-Fhirnaz Ahamed, QATAR

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