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CodeHunt-Pioneer in Cross platform App Development

Undoubtedly, the mobile user base is unimaginatively huge. Unfortunately, it is fragmented across various mobile OS platforms that restrict easy access to it with a single native app code base. Of course, cross-platform technology is the saviour here but who has the expertise to simulate a native look & feel? CodeHunt is a cross-platform app development company famous for tackling such challenges and proved true on all expectations of its patrons. Our mastery of cross-platform application development frameworks like PhoneGap and Titanium to the latest Ionic and Xamarin have enabled us to work with the leading brands. We have served a wide range of businesses coming from diverse industries using our hybrid app development expertise, which has provided us golden opportunities to learn how to tackle hybrid app design and programming challenges successfully.



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Ionic is one of the most popular platforms for developing cross platform apps. It takes much lesser time hammering out apps with Ionic. Our expertise on Ionic is powered by our experience in building several complex apps on the platform. We love the fact that Ionic follows native app UI guidelines. It uses native SDKs and follow already laid out UI standards of native apps but retains the simplicity of web.

Some of its highlights:

Build intelligent applications utilizing HTML5 and AngularJS
Build iOS and Android forms and see changes immediately with the assistance of Ionic Serve Lab.
Update your applications in a split second with code changes
Generate symbols for various screens utilizing one charge.
Ionic maker, a helpful apparatus for UI prototyping



Open source PhoneGap is an awesome choice for Cross-platform mobile app development utilizing on existing web advancements. PhoneGap is most appropriate for portable applications that don’t make considerable utilization of the telephone’s local highlights. It bundles your applications inside a local application compartment which enables JavaScript to get to gadget level APIs a similar way typical application does.

Some of its highlights:

It permits making half breed applications utilizing well known web advancements (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript), which are additionally promptly accessible ranges of abilities

It gives you a chance to convey a solitary code base to various stages including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and then some.

It takes after a module capable engineering, which implies that entrance to local gadget APIs and more can be reached out separately


React native

React Native developers claims with React Native you do not build a mobile web app or a HTML5 app but you build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java.With expertise on React Native framework since its inception we have been able to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices leveraging JavaScript and HTML. The advantage with React Native is that it uses same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps.

Some of its highlights:

Right now, React Native structure is one of the speediest and most proficient conditions for portable application advancement. It’s undifferentiated from ReactJS, and this is what you should know as far as versatile.

React Native uses JavaScript – quick and famous programming dialect

Besides, React Native influences and joins the primary points of interest of JavaScript and ReactJS. Because of the pervasiveness of JS code, architects can work quicker and all the more productively on the grounds that they don’t need to restart a created application after each refresh to see transforms; they can basically revive the review page.



Native Script app development is increasing its fanbase each passing day. NativeScript is one of the smartest ways to write apps. It is no secret that when you combine NativeScript with Angular or JavaScript the result is fantastic. A single code base that is what is required to write and deploy native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and that is just one of the pros of Native Script.

Some of its highlights:

It has profoundly implanted help for Angular.js 2 and TypeScript
It gives you a chance to utilize any javascript library that does not depend on the web
Its applications use local parts and have guide access to the local APIs alongside full access to the advancement libraries
It has a cross-stage Declarative UI bolster, enabling you to make the application’s UI once and utilize it effectively on other upheld stages


Cross Platform


Our top-notch cross-platform app development services can give you an extra edge in your niche market. Our expertise on various hybrid app development frameworks enables us to deliver cost-effective and functional cross-platform app solutions that anyone in the industry can give you.


Android Teblet

Window Phone


Why choose CodeHunt as your cross platform app development partner

Top Global Company

We are recognized as the number of ios app development company by freelance platform.

Pioneer in Industry

With over 4 years of industry experience, We have learned the trick to bring customer happiness.

Happy Clients

We have a 95% customer retention rate across the globe including startups and Enterprise as well.

Experienced Team

Passionate and pro workforce with innovative minds and specialized skills.

High Quality Development

90% client satisfaction with Total Quality Management in design, development & delivery.

Confidentiality & Security

100% confidential consultation and project privacy maintained for lifetime.

On Time and in Budget

98% of projects are delivered on time and within the estimated budget.

Custom Development

Deliver results in accordance with the real purpose of individual businesses.




CodeHunt is the driving force behind many organizations that helped our customers to propel ahead. We treat every project as an opportunity and deliver our best.


Innovation is the core of our philosophy. It powers everything we do and helps us come up with bold ideas and solutions to the most intricate challenges.


We are 100% committed to the result. We will never stop in halfway and will apply our professional expertise to achieve zero fault delivery for your projects.

Advantages with Us:

Our cross platform mobile app development is faster to deploy and right on budget

Our cross-platform apps drive competitive advantage for your business.

Our apps are well designed and compatible on multiple devices

We build powerful, full-featured mobile apps faster than ever due on most of the powerful Platforms

Mobility Solutions that emphasizes business transformation and speed to market

We not only support apps on every phone and tablet and similar devices in the market, but we also are ready for harnessing wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other newer technologies that will come in the future.


What Makes CodeHunt Different ?

At CodeHunt, We ensure that You get an incredible combination of the Human brain and Technological advancements while building the most adaptive resolution in the mobility domain globally. Thus, to convert your idea into reality, Our Experts plays a critical role.






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CodeHunt is Limitless when it comes to Software Development.We are Pioneer and Achieving Perpetual Success.

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