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CodeHunt-Highest Rated E-mail Marketing Platform

Email marketing has three main aims: increase brand awareness, re-engage subscribers/customers, and customer retention. You may be already familiar with these three conversion-driven actions and you may also be well aware of their importance in the success of your business. Email marketing may not be the first thing on your mind when you hear these things. You have probably used different marketing strategies with varying levels of success.



Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is just as it sounds: nurturing leads and turning them into customers. It is a process that begins the moment you capture email leads throughout every level of the sales funnel. It’s a combination of email marketing strategies and communication efforts. The success of this strategy lies in the effectiveness of email marketing itself.

CodeHunt Takes Email Marketing Lead Nurturing a Step Further

Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Connect Your Emails with Your Site Experience

Ongoing Campaign Optimization


AMP E-mail Marketing

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) isn’t just for websites. Google’s open-source AMP framework enables websites to create user-first experience across different web platforms. As AMP use expanded, so has its use cases. You can now create immersive and interactive visual AMP stories, fast and safe AMP ads, and send dynamic and interactive AMP emails. AMP has built-in performance optimization components. With similar functionality as AMP for a website but with additional components that bring the website experience to email.AMP for email components will enable you to send rich emails with dynamic content and app functionality built into the email itself.Users can interact with dynamic content (forms, lists, etc.), presentation elements (sidebar, carousel, etc.), and media elements (image and animation) – all within the body email. This is possible through an AMP HTML components subset designed specifically for emails.

Grow Your Business

With CodeHunt

Our approach to email marketing is based off your needs. Whether you are looking for a consistent newsletter, an email blast to drum up new business, a drip campaign to keep your brand top of mind, to increase conversions on people who abandon your ecommerce shopping cart, and more we can help. We can take your data and use that list for email marketing or we can help you develop a new and relevant list to market to.

How E-mail Marketing Can Benefit Your Business:

Brand Awareness

Emails Generate Leads

Email is Economical

Increase Sales

What is Your Next

Business Move?

Improve my Marketing Result

Grow my Market Share

Launch my New Product

Enter in New Market




CodeHunt is the driving force behind many organizations that helped our customers to propel ahead. We treat every project as an opportunity and deliver our best.


Innovation is the core of our philosophy. It powers everything we do and helps us come up with bold ideas and solutions to the most intricate challenges.


We are 100% committed to the result. We will never stop in halfway and will apply our professional expertise to achieve zero fault delivery for your projects.


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What Makes CodeHunt Different ?

At CodeHunt, We ensure that You get an incredible combination of the Human brain and Technological advancements while building the most adaptive resolution in the mobility domain globally. Thus, to convert your idea into reality, Our Experts plays a critical role.






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